Vladimir Len (vjlen@mindspring.com)
Fri, 19 May 2000 05:21:26 -0500

> Your point? Cowboy bebop is TV animation! (half on air, and all on WowWow
> satellite) If you don't accept that example how about Escaflowne, or
> or Daiguard?

I didn't know CB was TV anime. That's what I get for getting married and
getting out of anime for so long ;)

I've seen your other 3 examples, and stand by my statement.

> If you are on crack perhaps...^_^ Zeta Gundam, produced 15 years
> ago has much better animation than any US TV cartoon.

Uh huh, maybe _you're_ the one on crack. I love Zeta Gundam more than
anything in the world (I had the LD sets in the states on release), but I
wouldn't call the animation "better than any US TV cartoon." It was at times
grainy (looking at his collection of Zeta cels on the wall), and suffered
occasionally from frame rates slower than Gumby at times. What's funny is
that Zeta Gundam, after 15 years, still looks better than some current TV
anime ;)

- Vlad (who woulda responded earlier, but was power-less for 13 hours due to
the storms that swept through the Chicago area)

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