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>Hmmm, let's see...
>Appleseed had Landmates.
>BattleTech has Battle Mechs.
>Blassty had Cruise Chasers.
>Brain Powerd had Antibodies.
>Bubblegum Crisis had Hardsuits.
>Cowboy Bebop had MONO Pods.
>Dancougar had Beast Machines.
>Dorvack had Powered Armor Machines.
>Dougram had Combat (CB) Armors.
>Dragonar had Metal Armors.
>Dunbine had Aura Battlers.
>Escaflowne had Guymelfs.
>Evangelions had EVA and Angels.
>Five Star Stories had Mortar Headds.
>G-Gundam had Mobile Fighters.
>Gaia Gear had Man Machines.
>Galient had Panzer Knights.
>Gall Force had the Bronze.
>Gasaraki had Tactical Armors.
>Go Lion had Robo Lions.
>Gunbuster had Power Armor.
>Gundam had Mobile Armor in addition to MS.
>Gundam Wing had Mobile DOLLs in addition to MS/MA.
>L.Gaim had Heavy Metals.
>Layzner had Super Powered Tracers.
>Macross had Veritechs and Destroids.
>Mospeada had Ride Armor (bikes) and Legioss (Armored Fighter/Diver/Soldier).
>Orguss had Veritechs (Macross Battloid/GERWALK/Fighter plus a Sonic Tank mode)
>Patlabor had Labors.
>Power Dolls had Power Loaders (after Aliens).
>Starship Troopers had Powered Armor.
>Southern Cross had Veritechs (Battloid/GERWALK and either Fighter or Tank).
>Tekkaman had Space Knights.
>Vifam had Sling Panniers.
>Votoms had Armored Troopers.
>Xabungle had Walker Machines.
>So, what did I miss? I'm sure I didn't get all of them.
>Gotta get 'em all...!

I don't know if this counts on the list but there's the Ma.K (Machine
Krieger) formerly known as SF3D, line of models. The terms used are
AFS (armored fighting suit) and PKA (AFS in german <Panzer Kriege
Anzug>) used by the different sides.

The latest issue of Model Graphix just ran a big feature on Ma.K.

Gears are used in Xenogears (video game) and Heavy Gear
Cores in Armored Core

There's got to be more! Let's do this one to Death!!! Ha ha ha!!!
(I like this thread)


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