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> Guys, look into this. Looks interesting. There's even an email addy to the
> author of this article.
> I haven't read the article in question yet - but it's about Pokemon. I
> someone's going to die soon... ^_^
> Fed
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> I hate when I find this stuff....what is it with some people and anime! I
> mean, it's OK to not like it, but I really hate it when people go out of
> their way to insult it's fans, and even question the way in which it is
> made. Anyway, here are some excerpts from a particuarlly annoying article
> from some guy:
> >From Deja.com, by Steven Bailey,:
> "It's pronounced "ah-NEE-may," but for this cartoon fan at least, "anime"
> "anemic.one gathers that the garish violence is what's attracting the
> kiddies.All of the characters have the same glassy eyes and barely moving
> lips (it costs less to animate them that way, you know). And the
> all move the same way: little more than they need to.
> After being spoiled in the last few years with imaginative cartoons such
> Space Jam, The Rugrats Movie, and The Iron Giant--not to mention the
> high-quality Disney productions of the past decade--it's insulting to be
> served a cartoon whose style is almost as nausea-inspiring as the jittery
> camera techniques of The Blair Witch Project. Even an average episode of
> "The Simpsons" has more thought behind it than this.. If this crudely
> animated stuff is enough to attract a following, what would its fans do if
> someone showed them a real cartoon?"
> Feel free to E-mail him at: SKAD13@aol.com and tell him how you feel.
> -
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