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>>Case in point: The house scenes in 0080 are a nice counterpoint...AND make

>>the conclusion even more horrifying.
>Yeah. On a somewhat different scale, the character stuff early in teh 08th

>MS team really pays off in the last 3-4 eps.

I guess I have to start watching 08thMS...if I can get my hands on it.

>>Is it any good to watch? I'm currently tripping out on Gasaraki and
>It's pretty good. It definitely has all the hallmarks of a Tomino series

>(lots of similarities to Gundam). The animation quality isn't that great,

>but I like the mecha designs. I find the characters pretty interesting too.

> Not up there with Gundam, but I think it's worth my cash.

OKay...I guess I have to watch Brainpowerd as well.

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