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Believe me I KNOW that one, freelancing isnt easy on stress..
. I have a few friends who worked on Dinosaur too.. Best money they ever made..

> And the U.S. is driving work towards them. Because we charge too much here for
> artists. Because many houses are union and the pay scale minimums are artificially
> set high. Getting the union newsletter is a good laugh, reading how they tell their
> members to rally and try to force studio X or Y to go union to save "our" jobs.
> Scared.

The Union is a Double edged sword.. I agree with those points.. But , when theUnion
sets rates, its sets a rate
for your skills, and encourages competitive prices from Non-Union.. If the Union is
considered "High", DD, usually Pays LESS
Maybe 20% less... Beware also of wishing for lower rates.. If the rate for a TD or FX
animator goes way down, that will afffect the value of your position at DD or other
shops because the rate for your work will go down.. LA aint cheap , and you dont want to
take a 40 percent pay cut or be undervalued and overworked.. Im not in the Union , nor
do I love them , but they have some necessity.. As long as Im a digital artist, Im not
in charge of the art, Im told what to do and not in full control, Im not making the
Killer dough for the final product. Blame bad Producers , Supervisors and Management for
that one...A great artist can be worth 2-3 cheaper less productive ones... So I wont
feel guilty for charging what I feel is just.. If I can get 50 percent more, well more
power to me , the Porsche Turbo fund will get bigger..(dont have one yet!)

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