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>>Macross PLus was simply incredible. It's a good example of a "sequel"
>>just as good as the original. Not to mention the likes of Sharon Apple
>>it very HAL-like. It's like Top Gun meets 2001.
>I wonder what the Kubrick/Spielberg film "A.I." will look like.

I've heard of it. any places where I can get a sneak peek at it? The Japanese
have a very cautious attitude about AI, if their anime is any indication.

>> >As far as the old stuff, I like the WB and MGM shorts but I think the
>> >pre-50s animation is the old Superman shorts.
>>YES! I love those shorts! I've only seen a copuple, but the style of those

>>short cartoons were among the most...innovative I've seen.
>One of the interesting things is seeing how much the influenced the look of

>the Batman animated series.

Stylistically, the Batman and the Superman stuff was among the best I've seen
in american TV stuff. I also love the shows where the comic book writers wrote
the script...very nice and gritty. It was like watching pulp fiction visually.
 Batman's film noir feel is also quite refreshing. From teh little 've seen
of Superman...I was impressed...the scene where he jumps of the cliff or something
like that and flies (as a teenager) just gave me the goose bumps.

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