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>I definitely wouldn't say that GW is more mature than other gundam stories.
>This has nothing to do with how depressing it is, but more to do with the

>over the top superheroic antics of the Gundam pilots.

GW seems to be a hyperkinetic version of the OYW, with better looking mecha
and five, rather than one, angsty teenager. It fits the current market to a
"T", so it should be a good thing, marketing wise, as compared to showing OYW
now. Other than that, well, it's basically OYW.

>Yes most Gundam stories do punch you in the gut with the horrors of war (and

>in the case of 0080, kicks you in the kidneys). So are stories like Saving

>Private Ryan or David Drake's Hammer's Slammers books, some of us like that

>sort of thing.

Aye, they are good stories, but sometimes gundam forgets that a person can only
take so much...Private ryan was a movie, but to have three movies or a whole
series? there should be some "melancholic redemptive" pieces to give the audience
a break every now and then...

Case in point: The house scenes in 0080 are a nice counterpoint...AND make
the conclusion even more horrifying.

>I have to vehemently dissagree that GW is on the right track. As far as
>"good side" and "bad side," one of the things I find appealing about Gundam

>is that the nominal "good guys" aren't usually that good, they're just the

>lesser of two evils.

Funny part about Gundam: good and evil are arbitrary to a certain extent.
That's why I like it. It all depends on teh conduct or morality of the individual...which,
sad to say, is a bit too much like the real world. Maybe that's why Gundam
can be a bit to unbearable at times.

>The problem I see here is that MS inherently aren't that destructive. Sure

>you can mount a highly destructive weapon on one (nuke, massive beam rifle,

>nerve gas, etc.) but it's the weapon, not the MS, that deals out the real

>death and destruction.

Hmmm. Interesting point there. but it would be great to have a scene where
kids are in a museum looking at replicas of the nastiest MS, and being given
a lecture on the damage these MS did.

>Part of the problem is that I don't belive in the "War to End All Wars." It

>is a nice, optimistic concept, but thousands of years of human history
>proove otherwise. The only real end to war will be if humanity destroys

How very true. Humanity requires competition amongst its own to evolve, for
some reason. Even though we could conceivably evolve through group homogeneity,
it seems that humans have a hardwired need to compete.

>Sounds like Brainpowered to me. There a bit more subtle about the self
>aware mecha than you seem to want to be, but it's there.

Is it any good to watch? I'm currently tripping out on Gasaraki and Nadesico.

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