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>Richie: if this is the same Bailey guy, I think he will either ignore you,
>or reply that he has seen more anime than the whole GML combined and how
>he's 100 times more qualified than you to write reviews blah blah blah...
>It seems this guy hate anime to the guts and went out of his way to watch
>every anime big and small just so he can write nasty reviews of them.
>Rather a head case, I almost feel sorry for this guy, so full of hate. I
>just don't understand why anime fans (us) should give a sh*t about what he


LOL! he is free to say that. That's what makes the internet so stimulating.
 It would be no skin off my back, I've guiven him my ten cents.

>Speaking of which, there's more and more hate on this list in the last
>month or two, if people (admittedly, myself included) don't relax a bit
>more, we will see another exodus of gurus.

Yeah, loosen up guys! as William Shatner said: "It's just a TV show!"


Hey, core, you still want em to make reviews fr your site...I have some new

"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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