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> >Macross Plus and Escaflowne are both shows I really like, but I haven't
> >Cowboy Bebop yet.
>Macross PLus was simply incredible. It's a good example of a "sequel"
>just as good as the original. Not to mention the likes of Sharon Apple
>it very HAL-like. It's like Top Gun meets 2001.

I wonder what the Kubrick/Spielberg film "A.I." will look like.

> >As far as the old stuff, I like the WB and MGM shorts but I think the
> >pre-50s animation is the old Superman shorts.
>YES! I love those shorts! I've only seen a copuple, but the style of those
>short cartoons were among the most...innovative I've seen.

One of the interesting things is seeing how much the influenced the look of
the Batman animated series.

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