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><< Part of the problem is that I don't belive in the "War to End All Wars."
> is a nice, optimistic concept, but thousands of years of human history
> proove otherwise. The only real end to war will be if humanity destroys
> itself. >>
> Me, either. These are not really my beliefs, but what type of Gundam
>I would like to see. Not matter how real, Gundam is science ficition, not
>play by play recreations of real life with MS. Gundam needs to try other
>areas of ideas besides the horrors of war. Gundam needs variety to keep
>getting stale. Just because someone doesn't like something, doesn't mean it
>shouldn't be tried. Try something at least once and if it doesn't
>on. Gundam is very good, but is getting a bit stale, it needs the spice of
>variety once and a while.

Part of the problem is they already did something along this line in GW and
I didn't particularly like it.


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