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<< Part of the problem is that I don't belive in the "War to End All Wars."
 is a nice, optimistic concept, but thousands of years of human history
 proove otherwise. The only real end to war will be if humanity destroys
 itself. >>

  Me, either. These are not really my beliefs, but what type of Gundam story
I would like to see. Not matter how real, Gundam is science ficition, not
play by play recreations of real life with MS. Gundam needs to try other
areas of ideas besides the horrors of war. Gundam needs variety to keep from
getting stale. Just because someone doesn't like something, doesn't mean it
shouldn't be tried. Try something at least once and if it doesn't work,move
on. Gundam is very good, but is getting a bit stale, it needs the spice of
variety once and a while.


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