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> The generic terms (plural) in Macross are Veritech and Destroid. The
> Veritech is the transformable machine, with a humanoid (Battloid) and
> aircraft (Fighter) mode, with a couple of intermediate stages (GERWALK and
> Stalking Fighter) in between. The name Veritech signifies that it's a true
> "giant robot" on one end and a true "fighter plane" on the other -- not a
> "robot in disguise" where one of the modes in not fully functional. The VF
> in the model number stands for Veritech Fighter.

ARRRRRRGH!!!!!! NO NO NO! ^_^ I will relax now...The word Veritech is purely a
robotech thing and has nothing to do with Macross. The VF in the model numbers
stand for VARIABLE FIGHTER. Macross good...Robotech bad.

> Orguss had Veritechs (Macross Battloid/GERWALK/Fighter plus a Sonic Tank mode)

Again Veritech is a Robotech term... Why would a completely unrelated show use
that term. As far as I know there is no generic term for robots in Orguss. The
term GERWALK is used just as in macross though. The robot mode is called Orgoroid.
In Orguss 2 the machines that were dug up were referred to as "Armors" (Decimators
in the US version)

> Southern Cross had Veritechs (Battloid/GERWALK and either Fighter or Tank).

Nope. same problem. again, I don't think there was a generic term for the robots.
The 15th ATAC squad's Tanks were called "Spartas" and the TASC jets are called
"Logan" The TASC choppers are called Aurororan.

The Zoru's Mecha however are all called Bioroids.

Sorry to come off so agressive, but I feel it is my duty to destroy Robotech
related misconceptions wherever they pop up. ^_-

---Brett Jensen

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