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> Ghost In The
>> Shell had amazing visuals and design, but it lacked a coherent story and

>> animation was still not to par with Disney or Warners..
>The plot itself was simple, but the dialogue and script needed polishing.
>Much of the political hoohah should be cut out and more focus should have
>been put on the emotional dimension. Having Kusanagi wandering around
>looking like she wants to find a "soul" was pretty sad...they needed to play

>that up more. Not sentimental like Data on Star Trek:TNG, but should be
>almost sad in a cold way...

It could have used better pacing in some sequences...or is it better editing?
 I dunno...the flow was not very good.

>think OVAs vary from decent to great, and probably the
>> best shows from the past 10 years have been Macross Plus (ova),
>> cant stand the NOSES!!)
>I think they make them more ugly, which is good for anime. Sometimes they
>doth look too cute.

Escaflowne was a triumph of good storytelling, but admittedly, it only got interesting
after a few episodes. Another good one in my mind is Nadesico...but that's
mainly because of all the anime refrences to other shows in it. it's an otaku's
dream and nightmare to find out where what reference comes from. El-Hazard
was also a very good OVA. the series sucks compared to the original OVA, IMHO,
but damn, what a story.

>> I dont consider Evangelion to be a good show IMHO because it took a
>> concept and did a poor execution of it. The animation to me was
>> and the story did not move forward enough. It was convoluted and too
>> , not to mention it had totally UNLIKEABLE characters. I dont know about

>> guys but, Shinji is a POS basketcase that deserved to be killed off in Ep

>> I think the hype of EVA led it to overshadow Escaflowne, a totally
>> show in every way. I hope the Escaflowne movie will work in a 2 hr format

>EVA was probably the first REAL "independent" TV show. It looked like
>something out of the French Wave indie boom, like "Breathless" or "The 400

>Blows." I don't think it accomplished what it wanted to, and I didn't really

>warm to the style, but its creation did make me glad that there was a
>company like Gainax that was in the business.
>> However in the FILM arena Anime still is a little behind in animation
>> quality(Princess Monoke was very close in animation quality) and has hits

>> misses to story...To me in terms of a masterpiece would be between Toy

>Story 2
>> and Iron Giant. Both had GREAT story. Great art direction, Great
>> development, Storytelling, pacing, and Animation. I still havent found an

>> Feature that meets ALL these criteria..
>I'd say "Kiki's Delivery Service" would be a good one. Of course, when you

>say "good pacing," I'm not sure if the slow pace of your regular Miyazaki
>film may be a detriment, which I don't find necessarily true.
>I'm sure there are others here that will debate your "good animation"
>argument. The "floaty" look of, say, Aladdin or even Tarzan does not sit
>well with many in terms of storytelling. Smooth animation CAN be
> However in terms of Broadcast , anime
>> has the best quality- to turnaround..I love to watch anime for what it is

>, and
>> theres so much good stuff , not to mention loads of Gundams to choose
>> Dismissing anime is really bad and narrow minded, but not realizing the

>> of classic animated shorts and films is narrow mined too...
>> My advice enjoy great work regardless where it comes from!!
>Heh. Well, most of the non-anime newsgroups and talkboards I go to are
>because I find interest in them. That's why I get into some wonderfully
>heated discussions about anime and Hanna-Barbera (initiated by a passing
>comment from someone else, of course. I find that most of these old-school

>fans don't tend to wander into anime newsgroups--they're just not
>interested. That's fine, but the festering bitterness isn't. Obviously there

>are exceptions, but overall, it's an "us versus them" mentality, which I
>find sad.
>C-c-can't we all j-just get along?
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