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You know read your reply below has made me realize...that all western
animation...Disney more specifically...follows a basic formula. There's
that arc you were talking about before, but I noticed that the arc spikes
climactively at almost the same points through out each story. DOH. Jeez,
you just gave me another reason to prefer Anime over western animation more.

Dood, something worth mentioning...when you have your own "project" or
drawing...you know it's yours. Like me and Gundam Century. I don't want
anybody else sticking their dirty little hands into my basket. Sure it
sounds arrogant, but heck it's something I've worked on for the longest
time; a lot of my concentration, focus, heart, soul, blood and sweat went
into Gundam Century. I don't want someone coming along and taking credit
for it. Like what those damn pirateers did to it; they started to sell it.
 DOH!!!! (double big doh) Doing something on your own is the most
reputable, allows the most pleasure in the end...knowing that you and only
you was the cause for the product, and of course...the best quality
control. hehe Imagine that Anime-ignorant idiot working on an animation
project with you...hehe...he'd be like "NO WE NEED MORE GLAMOURFICATION
HERE...HERE AND HERE!!!!" Of course in Anime, it'd be like "WE NEED MORE
hurt." =)

>> I'll tell you why. Because they have one person drawing just one foot for
>> a character. Each person is required to draw a particular part of the
>> body; not many people at Disney draw an entire character through out the
>> film. Alfred should be able to tell you something about that. They do
>I'm no expert but I can tell you that on Dinosaur we had guys who animated
>and toes. Is that the most worthless way to make a living? See that
>all those dinos walking along the sand? That tail there, that's my
>> have a larger budget, more people, and also put more stuff in so it becomes
>> more consistent in the animation. Japanese animators believe (and this is
>> true) that some places shouldn't require that much animation. Like talking
>> sequences. Take for example, Anastasia...jeez...even when they're talking
>> they HAVE to walk around, and use all sorts of body movements. Sure this
>> makes it easier to convey emotions, but it also produces a counter
>I had an argument with one of the dinosaur animators about just that. I was
>complaining about how stupid it was to rework the iguanadons' heads so
that they
>looked like horses and had lips. He told me that it would be harder to
>speech without lips. So what, I said, you want it all the be handed to
you, you
>want the easiest possible job, you don't want to be challenged during your
>multi-year stint dealing with the same crap over and over? Sure it's
hard. It's
>harder to ski black diamonds than it is green runs, too. But it's more fun.
>> characters again. I don't know about you, but if I watched Mononoke Hime
>> and Mulan one after the other...I would have a greater mental attachment to
>> San more than Mulan.
>I have a greater attachment to Daffy Duck than most modern U.S. feature
>animation. He had emotion in one eyeroll that they can't pull off now.
>"Dude, it doesn't matter what day it is. Max shits bigger than Kirk."
> - StJohn, during "my superhero is better than your superhero" day
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