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Fri, 19 May 2000 21:36:34 GMT

>No, he probably wouldn't. I'm know I'm gonna sound controversial and start
>being prejudiced here, but a lot of animation fans of old stuff like Looney

>Tunes and Golden Age Disney movies tend not to look too kindly on anime.
>Whether it is a refusal to abandon the stuff they grew up with or a refusal

>to change with the times I do not know, but the really hardcore ones I've
>come across are even more narrow-minded than narrow-minded otaku. That's
>saying a lot.

I know the type. I've come across people who like American cartoons bar none.
 Just as I have encountered the reverse, people who hate american cartoons as
a whole. It's pretty weird. BUt well, all movements must have their extremists.

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