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Thu, 18 May 2000 22:32:06 -0700

>> I agree that in terms of technical animation quality, most Disney films are
>> of a higher grade than most anime. I'd attribute this to Disney's much
>> larger budget.
>Why, because they use more cels, or because they have more superfluous
>I just don't buy the argument that Disney animation is better.

I'll tell you why. Because they have one person drawing just one foot for
a character. Each person is required to draw a particular part of the
body; not many people at Disney draw an entire character through out the
film. Alfred should be able to tell you something about that. They do
have a larger budget, more people, and also put more stuff in so it becomes
more consistent in the animation. Japanese animators believe (and this is
true) that some places shouldn't require that much animation. Like talking
sequences. Take for example, Anastasia...jeez...even when they're talking
they HAVE to walk around, and use all sorts of body movements. Sure this
makes it easier to convey emotions, but it also produces a counter
productive effect. People are spoon fed, and people believe the film or
story they are watching is a cartoon and NOT real. It's not believable.
Same as most blockbuster movies...Armageddon, etc...their script is written
in such a way that it IS a movie and not believable. People do not build
emotions or begin to try to understand the characters in the story. They
make tear or feel some sort of anguish for the characters, but it's all
superficial. After the movie, that's it. They won't think of the
characters again. I don't know about you, but if I watched Mononoke Hime
and Mulan one after the other...I would have a greater mental attachment to
San more than Mulan.


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