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KurenaiJiku wrote:

> I agree with Alfred here. I'm a "smart" guy or at least that's what people
> tell me. Therefore, I can figure out many things for myself. I'm not some
> 10 year old kid which is what most western movies are all about. Perhaps
> that's why hardcore movie goers in the western world HATE mainstream

Tell me about it. They complain that a movie sucked. Why? It didn't
"correctly" follow the story arc. Who the fuck said a story *has* to follow
an arc? Beginning, middle, end? Most people I know who saw The Thin Red Line
hated it. Why? It meandered about and didn't resolve anything. When I ask
them what they think *they* would have gotten out of a 2-3 assault on a
Japanese held island in WWII, what kind of "closure" they would have expected,
they can't answer. Because nothing would have been explained or stated.
Battle over, you live. That's it. I love The Thin Red Line specifically
because it didn't resolve anything. Dazed And Confused is another good
movie. Just 24 hours or so in the lives of a bunch of high school kids on the
last day of school. You learn about the characters, like some, hate others,
but nothing really changes at the end. How about that? Just like my days in
high school. Great stuff.

> movies; it's all too spoonfed. When you talk to the common everyday street
> walker, they can't tell the difference between Anime or western animation
> which is really sort of sad. In fact, they believe that all the games from
> Japan are done in america. Now THAT'S insulting.

Hahahaaaha, that's rich!


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