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Chris Maier wrote:
> He has a webpage of some kind, where he basically dwelves into Looney Tunes
> and old Laurel and Hardy movies and stuff like that. He's basically reviewed
> every animation release over the last decade...except Mononoke. I bet if
> that guy saw Mononoke his opinion would change for the better.

Hmm his name does ring a bell, could he be the same guy who drove several
prominent members of the Miyazaki mailing list berserk with his Mononoke
review in a major magazine?

If I had a nickel everytime some major media trash some show I love or
hype some commercial junk, I'd be a millionaire ages ago. For that
matter, if I had a nickel everytime someone twist a post out of shape and
start another pointless neverending thread, oh forget it...

Richie: if this is the same Bailey guy, I think he will either ignore you,
or reply that he has seen more anime than the whole GML combined and how
he's 100 times more qualified than you to write reviews blah blah blah...
It seems this guy hate anime to the guts and went out of his way to watch
every anime big and small just so he can write nasty reviews of them.
Rather a head case, I almost feel sorry for this guy, so full of hate. I
just don't understand why anime fans (us) should give a sh*t about what he

Speaking of which, there's more and more hate on this list in the last
month or two, if people (admittedly, myself included) don't relax a bit
more, we will see another exodus of gurus.

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