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Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> I'll give you that with the older classic Disney movies. The ones from the last
> 15 years are just average. And I disagree about the animation quality. Not in
> the amount of animation, but the style. Using Ghost In The Shell as an example,
> watch the way the people in that movie walk, run, shoot, turn their heads, etc.
> Looks like people. Now, watch a movie like Tarzan or Prince Of Egypt. You can
> argue that "it's a style" but they're still not natural movements for the people.
> We all know what people look like when they walk and talk. It's the reason that
> cg people are so hard to pull off - we have the most experience with seeing them
> and know immediately when something doesn't feel right. GITS felt right, the
> whole time.

I agree wholeheartedly! Not only is Disney animation Unnatural and somewhat flat, but
they've got away with making the same movie over and over for the last 15 years! All
of the other studios can't wait to use the same tired formula too. "The Iron Giant"
was such a refreshing change.

> Under 10 is right. I worked Dinosaur. Depending on what version you're talking
> about it either took 5 years or 10 years to complete. Either way, the animation
> is poor and the story stinks. It takes as long as it takes because you have
> uncreative clowns like Eisner and Schumaker making 'creative' decisions. You have
> the marketing guys making decisions. Why?

The same kind of corporate BS kept "The Iron Giant" from becoming the Big hit that it
should have been.

> And so what if it's hard to understand. You want a story spoonfed to you? You
> want everyone to direct and tell stories like Spielberg does all the time? Those
> kinds of stories are insulting. Absolutely everything must be explained, no loose
> ends, etc., just because audiences here are trained to not think during movies.

Amen! shout it on the mountaintops!

> Well, timing and pacing from old WB and MGM shorts is second to none. Honestly,
> to have guys like Tex Avery and Chuck Jones knowing down to the *frame* whether a
> gag would work or not, having to pace a story to fit into less than 7 minutes
> (Coal Black And De Sebben Dwarves is a masterpiece) and having it work all the
> time, that's nuts. I wish I had that talent.

I gotta agree with you. Ya know, Hideaki Anno said that he was influenced by Tex
Avery's work.

---Brett Jensen

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