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>Il still disagree.. I find with animtion trying to get the "photoreal
style" doesnt
>hold well for me. I think GITS was good but didnt hit for me.
>With CG if you doing photreal humans you can t animate in a squashy
-streatchy way.

It's not meant to be photoreal. It's meant to be human-like. Characters
without squashy-stretchy movements, but move human-like unlike the
incredibly "I'm a human ballet dancer/stage actor" Anastasia which is TOO
exaggerated...GITS was right on the dot.


>> And so what if it's hard to understand. You want a story spoonfed to
you? You
>> want everyone to direct and tell stories like Spielberg does all the
time? Those
>> kinds of stories are insulting. Absolutely everything must be
explained, no loose
>> ends, etc., just because audiences here are trained to not think during
>I agree to a POINT. But many Anime just isnt solid enough. I love stories
that make
>me think , but I cant stand holes, and things that dont flow well.. Its
easy to pick
>on Spielberg now..Yes hes manipulative, and much of his work is pop, but
he does do a
>good flick once in a while...
>One of my favorite movies is RED.. Not the most spoonfed pic ya know....

I agree with Alfred here. I'm a "smart" guy or at least that's what people
tell me. Therefore, I can figure out many things for myself. I'm not some
10 year old kid which is what most western movies are all about. Perhaps
that's why hardcore movie goers in the western world HATE mainstream
movies; it's all too spoonfed. When you talk to the common everyday street
walker, they can't tell the difference between Anime or western animation
which is really sort of sad. In fact, they believe that all the games from
Japan are done in america. Now THAT'S insulting.


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