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Dense people like this critic
>just don't take into perspective the grand scheme of things. There is just

>so many TV shows/movies/etc. that it'd be near impossible to like even 50%
>them. I swear people are getting stupider all the time...
>-Muy Calienté

Well, there are people and there are people. Personally, I just sent him a
note gently reminding him to look at all of anime and judge before making a
blanket statement...he obviously has not seen the best of anime. and I also
chided him for ignoring the fact that a lot of american stuff is trash as well.
 I remember seeing Mighty Mouse as a kid, and I was absolutely horrified. Honorable
combat and violeence that is necessary in such a thing is okay, but outright
slpastick senseless violence? I'm sorry if there are mighty mouse fans here,
but damn, it really disturbed me. To be fair though, a lot of anime can be
also senseless...but that's the point...they are the same in some respects.

"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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