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Brandon Perlow wrote:

> Your probably right on union wages.. But you probably recieved the benefit of
> union OT in Dinosaur I bet(theres a reason Disney is the happiest place on
> Earth!!)t.. Lets face it Disney , DW, and Warners make boku on the shows, so why

Ha hahaaha, the benefit. Let's see, their health plan is no better and, I think
mildy worse, than the one that the non-union Disney employees get. The union
"defines" me, which is to say, my artistic role. It was a living hell trying to
change that after the fact since it's just like every other entertainment union and
if you do other stuff you're "stealing" work from the people who have been union
designated to do *that* job. The union is for people who are afraid, who want
someone to guarantee them jobs and roles, something their talent and drive should
do. We don't have a union at DD. We have an overtime setup, we have insurance for
staff employees, and no one is going to get mad if I composite shots even though I'm
a 3D effect animator. Guess which version I prefer.

OT was nice, yes. Most artists on Dinosaur weren't the happiest on Earth, they were
the most pissed (maybe not the animators, though). Wrong software, dumbshit
leadership, delivery dates that kept slipping. We (cg artists) are used to the

> not pay the artists well.. Theyre not getting any royalties...Most of Disneys TV
> shows are/were animated in Japan, Korea , Canada and Philipines... Definately
> cheaper labor.. Much Anime is made there too.. Macross Plus was made mostly in
> Korea...

And the U.S. is driving work towards them. Because we charge too much here for
artists. Because many houses are union and the pay scale minimums are artificially
set high. Getting the union newsletter is a good laugh, reading how they tell their
members to rally and try to force studio X or Y to go union to save "our" jobs.


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