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Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> Vladimir Len wrote:
> >
> > Like what? Watching stuff like Batman or Animaniacs or Darkwing Duck, the
> > animation quality is higher -- more fluid, doesn't depend on repetitive use
> > of artwork, etc. That would lead me to believe the animation budget would be
> > higher.
> >
> I think you're half right, there. The budgets will be higher also because of
> the union houses here that set wages higher than some of those guys are worth.

Your probably right on union wages.. But you probably recieved the benefit of
union OT in Dinosaur I bet(theres a reason Disney is the happiest place on
Earth!!)t.. Lets face it Disney , DW, and Warners make boku on the shows, so why
not pay the artists well.. Theyre not getting any royalties...Most of Disneys TV
shows are/were animated in Japan, Korea , Canada and Philipines... Definately
cheaper labor.. Much Anime is made there too.. Macross Plus was made mostly in

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