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Brandon Perlow wrote:

> Il still disagree.. I find with animtion trying to get the "photoreal style" doesnt
> hold well for me. I think GITS was good but didnt hit for me.

That's a style question. I like both but the Disney guys animate *everything* the same
way - animals, people, teapots, it's all the same crap now. That "roll" into the move,
I don't know how else to describe it, it's like they *have* to do it that way. It's also
an approach question. If the purpose is to create your own style then all are equal
because none of them are trying to be realistic. If the purpose, though, is to create
animation of people moving like people, Nothing beats old Disney (Snow White, etc.) or
modern good anime (Memories, GITS, Spriggan). Tarzan wasn't realistic, it was Disney.

> With CG if you doing photreal humans you can t animate in a squashy -streatchy way.

True, but I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about artists animating background
people (like the cg people in Titanic) and you can tell, sometimes. That's why mocap is
still so big in cg. For people. We figure instantly that something is "wrong" when a cg
person is animated wrong.

> I agree those guys shouldnt be making decisions.. Im not a fan of POE either.. Couldnt
> stand the story or the music..
> Im definately not in the Jeffery fan club....

Those movies shouldn't take 5 years to develop, either. Maybe 2 years. But they go in
with the knowledge that they're going to change much of it. Haven't those clowns heard
of having the story written correctly *first*? Just because "that's the way we've always
done it" doesn't mean it's well thought out or efficient.

> I agree to a POINT. But many Anime just isnt solid enough. I love stories that make
> me think , but I cant stand holes, and things that dont flow well.. Its easy to pick
> on Spielberg now..Yes hes manipulative, and much of his work is pop, but he does do a
> good flick once in a while...

I was comparing best U.S. theatrical to best Japanese. I know there is a mountain of
shitwork on both sides. Spielberg used to be good. Now he's gone the way of Steve
Martin and Phil Collins and Robin Williams and is compelled to force a feel good, triumph
of the spirit, sappy PC message to everything he does. Trying to win the Nobel Cheese
Prize or something.


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