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> Most American animation isn't as good a quality animation as a lot of the

> better anime are. I mean the animation quality of Escaflowne is a lot
> then a Disney movie. I don't like Disney's animation, don't get me wrong
> very good, its just too cartoony for me. I am older and expect more
> "real" and less cartoony, animation level.

Well, Escaflowne's animation does slow down at around 14 or 15, where they
are at Chid's palace. One episode is almost totally made up of still shots
of figures far away and freeze frames with nothing but mouths flapping.
However, this only lasts about one episode and perks up again right after.

The only Disney
> soundtrack I have ever bought was the Aladdin one and was bored with it
> only a few playings, whereas I can listen to my Escaflowne OST's, over
> over, without getting bored. While I like it, the first Brain Powerd OST
> a very boring songs, but I prefer it to some of Disney's weaker songs.

Look, there's only one Yoko Kanno. EVERY Kanno soundtrack rocks. To think
Fox wanted them to get rid of Esca's music! What blasphemy! Thank goodness
Bandai put their foots down.


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