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<< I dont consider Evangelion to be a good show IMHO because it took a
 concept and did a poor execution of it. The animation to me was substandard,
 and the story did not move forward enough. It was convoluted and too
 , not to mention it had totally UNLIKEABLE characters. I dont know about you
 guys but, Shinji is a POS basketcase that deserved to be killed off in Ep
 I think the hype of EVA led it to overshadow Escaflowne, a totally superior
 show in every way. I hope the Escaflowne movie will work in a 2 hr format ..
 was a big story , and they have big job to rework it for a film. I hope it
 succeeds. In general for TV and OVA anime totally overshadows american
 animation in overall quality and story(simpsons and futurama stll have
 brilliant writing and storytelling). >>

I have only seen the first 5 tapes of Evagelion, but I have seen all of
Escaflowne and I totally agree with your views on these two shows. I tolerate
Shinji and crew, but they do grate on my nerves. I like Van, Hitomi, the
blonde guy (can't think of his name right now, but he's a knight), Van's
brother, and the rest of the characters as well. I like each Escaflowne
character for different reasons, just like I dislike most of the Eva
characters for different reasons :)


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