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Most American animation isn't as good a quality animation as a lot of the
better anime are. I mean the animation quality of Escaflowne is a lot better
then a Disney movie. I don't like Disney's animation, don't get me wrong its
very good, its just too cartoony for me. I am older and expect more mature
"real" and less cartoony, animation level.

I don't see how Disney tells a story better then a good anime series or anime
movie does. I found the anime that I watch, have stories that are far better
and deeper, then a Disney film. Why do the Disney characters always have to
break out in song? :) I would like to see Disney make a more mature and
serious movie that has no musical style singing, but still good have music,
I.E., like how an anime title has an opening and ending song and sometimes
vocal back ground songs during certain story scenes. The only Disney
soundtrack I have ever bought was the Aladdin one and was bored with it after
only a few playings, whereas I can listen to my Escaflowne OST's, over and
over, without getting bored. While I like it, the first Brain Powerd OST has
a very boring songs, but I prefer it to some of Disney's weaker songs.

Anime is getting more and more popular in the US and like everything else,
there are bad as well as good anime. The anime I watch is much better then
MOST, NOT ALL American cartoons, story and quality wise. I can name only a
handfull(that I have seen) that come close to anime.

Disney's Gargoyles is a good example of what Disney can make and Disney could
blow it away easily. I story can be mature, without a sad story and ending.
Mature doesn't have to mean depressing and sad. I liked 0079 (the movies),
but it was a bit too depressing. Yes, I understand what Gundam is supposed to
canvay, but I like GW more, as its mature, somewhat depressing, but not to
the point of clawing out of the pit of how horrible a war is.

GW's ending was a bit sad, but not totally suck the life out of you type of
ending. It took me a while to get over 0079's ending. 0079 drives the
horror's of war home and keeps going :) 0080 showed how pointless fighting
can truly be, boy what I said ending, but I got its points.

Isn't it time to have a more promising out look on fighting in a Gundam
series? How about a Gundam show that shows how humanity out grew wars and
fighting? GW is on the right track, but isn't exactly what I want. Instead of
ridding humanity of all Mobile suits, while not make the "good side" hero and
"bad side" hero fight a battle to end all battles in Mobile Suits the embody
the good reasons for fighting and the bad ones for fighting. A totally good
MS and a totally bad MS.

See the MS, even the "good" one could be designed with a look that decades
later, museum goers would look at two MS reflecting the horrors of war and
the two MS would act as a reminder of how horrible a war can be.

Of course, the MS still need to look decent enough to be able to justify some
great model kits and toys to a good amount of consumers. :)

These two "war horror" MS could gain their look over the course of the
series, with an epic hero vs. hero, Amuro vs. Char type of duel at the end,
with the MS in their final "war horror" look. This battle could be a NewType
battle that purges humanity of its desire to fight or if not that, at least
not to kill. This is realistic fiction, not realistic as in copying life,
therefore creative liberties must be taken to make it worth while.

Before someone says why does it have to be a Gundam story?, I'll say why not?
Gundam is always talking about how evil, pointless and horrible wars are. So
we need a Gundam show that shows a possible warless future. Gundam shows the
horrors of war, so why not a few Gundam titles that show humanity over coming
war. Giant robots need to be looked into more. Why does it always have to be
"soulless"? Why not make a giant robot show that is realistic, yet has robots
that are characters? Let's explore A.I. and artificial life in a giant robot
show. Make the giant robot a new life form, not just a "super hero" robot.
Even Gundam is leaning in a hero robot direction, even some in 0079.

I want a realistic living piloted giant robot, that avoids that super hero
robot thought process. The pilot could "raise" this robots mind and be a
mentor to it. Of course there's got to be an opposing force/side with the
same type of robot as well.


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