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> > However in the FILM arena Anime still is a little behind in animation
> > quality(Princess Monoke was very close in animation quality) and has hits
> and
> > misses to story...To me in terms of a masterpiece would be between Toy
> Story 2
> > and Iron Giant. Both had GREAT story. Great art direction, Great
> Character
> > development, Storytelling, pacing, and Animation. I still havent found an
> Anime
> > Feature that meets ALL these criteria..
> I'd say "Kiki's Delivery Service" would be a good one. Of course, when you
> say "good pacing," I'm not sure if the slow pace of your regular Miyazaki
> film may be a detriment, which I don't find necessarily true.

Mononoke had good pacing .. It wasnt a kiddie film. The story flowed quite well,
and the characters were very dimensional..
It had a good message too.. This movie made me think..Thank god I saw the sub..
(heard the dub sucked) Miyazaki knows what he is doing.. Anno doesnt(EVA). GIT
really had no clear story. I think it was cool to look at
but it seemed better suited for episodic.. I hear the comic is Brilliant tho...

> I'm sure there are others here that will debate your "good animation"
> argument. The "floaty" look of, say, Aladdin or even Tarzan does not sit
> well with many in terms of storytelling. Smooth animation CAN be
> counterproductive.

If over done YES.. I think there was some beautiful work in Tarzan. It was a
Frazetta/Allen ST John Tarzan coming to

> Heh. Well, most of the non-anime newsgroups and talkboards I go to are
> because I find interest in them. That's why I get into some wonderfully
> heated discussions about anime and Hanna-Barbera (initiated by a passing
> comment from someone else, of course. I find that most of these old-school
> fans don't tend to wander into anime newsgroups--they're just not
> interested. That's fine, but the festering bitterness isn't. Obviously there
> are exceptions, but overall, it's an "us versus them" mentality, which I
> find sad.
> C-c-can't we all j-just get along?
> Jojo


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