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Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> Brandon Perlow wrote:
> > Ill give an industry viewpoint since I work in Animation.. I think the animated
> > FILMS in the US are superior in animation quality , and storytelling(Not
> > necessarily the STORY itself) .
> I'll give you that with the older classic Disney movies. The ones from the last
> 15 years are just average. And I disagree about the animation quality. Not in
> the amount of animation, but the style. Using Ghost In The Shell as an example,
> watch the way the people in that movie walk, run, shoot, turn their heads, etc.
> Looks like people. Now, watch a movie like Tarzan or Prince Of Egypt. You can
> argue that "it's a style" but they're still not natural movements for the people.
> We all know what people look like when they walk and talk. It's the reason that
> cg people are so hard to pull off - we have the most experience with seeing them
> and know immediately when something doesn't feel right. GITS felt right, the
> whole time.

Il still disagree.. I find with animtion trying to get the "photoreal style" doesnt
hold well for me. I think GITS was good but didnt hit for me.
With CG if you doing photreal humans you can t animate in a squashy -streatchy way.

> Under 10 is right. I worked Dinosaur. Depending on what version you're talking
> about it either took 5 years or 10 years to complete. Either way, the animation
> is poor and the story stinks. It takes as long as it takes because you have
> uncreative clowns like Eisner and Schumaker making 'creative' decisions. You have
> the marketing guys making decisions. Why?

I agree those guys shouldnt be making decisions.. Im not a fan of POE either.. Couldnt
stand the story or the music..
Im definately not in the Jeffery fan club....

> And so what if it's hard to understand. You want a story spoonfed to you? You
> want everyone to direct and tell stories like Spielberg does all the time? Those
> kinds of stories are insulting. Absolutely everything must be explained, no loose
> ends, etc., just because audiences here are trained to not think during movies.

I agree to a POINT. But many Anime just isnt solid enough. I love stories that make
me think , but I cant stand holes, and things that dont flow well.. Its easy to pick
on Spielberg now..Yes hes manipulative, and much of his work is pop, but he does do a
good flick once in a while...
One of my favorite movies is RED.. Not the most spoonfed pic ya know....

> >
> > However in the FILM arena Anime still is a little behind in animation
> > quality(Princess Monoke was very close in animation quality) and has hits and
> > misses to story...To me in terms of a masterpiece would be between Toy Story 2
> > and Iron Giant. Both had GREAT story. Great art direction, Great Character
> > development, Storytelling, pacing, and Animation. I still havent found an Anime
> > Feature that meets ALL these criteria.. However in terms of Broadcast , anime
> > has the best quality- to turnaround..I love to watch anime for what it is , and
> > theres so much good stuff , not to mention loads of Gundams to choose from.
> > Dismissing anime is really bad and narrow minded, but not realizing the quality
> > of classic animated shorts and films is narrow mined too...
> >
> Well, timing and pacing from old WB and MGM shorts is second to none. Honestly,
> to have guys like Tex Avery and Chuck Jones knowing down to the *frame* whether a
> gag would work or not, having to pace a story to fit into less than 7 minutes
> (Coal Black And De Sebben Dwarves is a masterpiece) and having it work all the
> time, that's nuts. I wish I had that talent.

So do I...

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