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>I have a question for you all =)
>I just realized that I should probably get some copyright notices up on
>wingzero, considering the large number of images I'm using. Sunrise et all
>seem to be quite reasonable about people using their "property" for fansites
>and such, but I should have some kind of legal notice. Anybody have any
>reccomendations on how far I should go? what companes I should specifically
>attribute images to? Or is there some kind of blanket statement I could use?

At the very least, you should have copyright notices for each Gundam series
that you reference in any way. For Gundam Wing, the TV series, credit
should go to Sotsu Agency, Sunrise and TV Asahi. For Gundam Wing: Endless
Waltz, it should go to Sotsu Agency and Sunrise. For the Crossbone Gundam
manga, you should, of course credit, the publisher (Kadokawa Shoten),
writer (Yoshiyuki Tomino) and artists (Yuichi Hasegawa and Hajime Katoki)
and probably mention that it was originally serialized in the monthly comic
anthology Shonen Ace. The published source should be referenced by its
full title, date of publication, publisher and ISBN: Kadokawa Comics A
Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Volume 1, 1993.03.01, Kadokawa Shoten,

(That's not the real date--my copies are packed away and I can't check--but
that is the real ISBN, which is posted in various places online)


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