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> No, he probably wouldn't. I'm know I'm gonna sound controversial and start
> being prejudiced here, but a lot of animation fans of old stuff like Looney
> Tunes and Golden Age Disney movies tend not to look too kindly on anime.
> Whether it is a refusal to abandon the stuff they grew up with or a refusal
> to change with the times I do not know, but the really hardcore ones I've
> come across are even more narrow-minded than narrow-minded otaku. That's
> saying a lot.

Ill give an industry viewpoint since I work in Animation.. I think the animated
FILMS in the US are superior in animation quality , and storytelling(Not
necessarily the STORY itself) .
Our feature stuff has longer development and actual creation time. Disney
usually takes 5years from script to finish, usually refining as the y go along.
Most US animated features are better paced and easier to understand than
Japanese counterparts. However most film are geared that someone under 10 can
understand it.

I felt that "X" was one of the WORST animated MOVIES Ive ever seen. Im not
thrilled with the CLAMP style and direction. I can see X making a decent
series, but the story was WAY too convoluted for a 2 hr movie. Ghost In The
Shell had amazing visuals and design, but it lacked a coherent story and the
animation was still not to par with Disney or Warners.. The Wings of
Honneamise was a amazing work of Art. It was one of the most amazing 2 hours to
stare at. The story was good, but the pacing needed improvement, but it was
forgiveable due to the overall amazing quaility of the film.. It actually had a
decent ending , compared with some of the strange and vague endings many
Japanese movies have. I think OVAs vary from decent to great, and probably the
best shows from the past 10 years have been Macross Plus (ova), Escaflowne(just
cant stand the NOSES!!) and Cowboy Bebop. Ironically enough these three
mentioned have either Shoji Kowamoris direction or from his "team".. Giant Robo
is another OVA I found to be quite nice for Japanese animation. It came very
close to US quality. I definately will not Pass up Princess Monoke or some of
other Miyazakis work.

I dont consider Evangelion to be a good show IMHO because it took a interesting
concept and did a poor execution of it. The animation to me was substandard,
and the story did not move forward enough. It was convoluted and too misleading
, not to mention it had totally UNLIKEABLE characters. I dont know about you
guys but, Shinji is a POS basketcase that deserved to be killed off in Ep 01!!
I think the hype of EVA led it to overshadow Escaflowne, a totally superior
show in every way. I hope the Escaflowne movie will work in a 2 hr format .. It
was a big story , and they have big job to rework it for a film. I hope it
succeeds. In general for TV and OVA anime totally overshadows american
animation in overall quality and story(simpsons and futurama stll have
brilliant writing and storytelling).

However in the FILM arena Anime still is a little behind in animation
quality(Princess Monoke was very close in animation quality) and has hits and
misses to story...To me in terms of a masterpiece would be between Toy Story 2
and Iron Giant. Both had GREAT story. Great art direction, Great Character
development, Storytelling, pacing, and Animation. I still havent found an Anime
Feature that meets ALL these criteria.. However in terms of Broadcast , anime
has the best quality- to turnaround..I love to watch anime for what it is , and
theres so much good stuff , not to mention loads of Gundams to choose from.
Dismissing anime is really bad and narrow minded, but not realizing the quality
of classic animated shorts and films is narrow mined too...

My advice enjoy great work regardless where it comes from!!

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