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Fri, 19 May 2000 11:58:33 -0800

>On Thu, 18 May 2000, Vladimir Len wrote:
>> Mmmmmmmmm, steak.
>> Personally, I don't care :P If my hearing still works as advertised, I keep
>> hearing "SHA" on my original movie trilogy.
>> - Vlad (who's gonna tie the whole lot of you down and make you all listen to
>> that song on Gundam Singles History that repeats his name over and over
>> again...)
>Not that song .. anything but that song. it was so ... so ... wierd. I was
>wondering what the hell was going on when I first heard it =)
>I'm guilty of saying char (as in char broiled), but now that I think about
>it, its probably one of those cases where japanese vocalisations and
>english vocalisations dont quite match up. it's probably pretty close to
>Chah with a hard ch at the beginning, but that could send different
>depending on the seiyuu. There might even be a little 'r' at the end ...
>ehh who knows =)
>its like the whole r/l thing :P

Let me put on my Linguists coat here. Japanese doesn't have a /ch/ sound
like English does. The closest sound in Japanese is /sh/, so thats the
easiest way for a native Japanese speaker to pronounce 'Char'. They'd say
/sha/, I'd say /cha/ with a longish vowel.


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