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Brett Jensen wrote:

> I guess my gripe is, that alot of US cartoon fans think that having a lot of
> unnesissary undulation and bouncing in character motion makes for better
> animation. I look at the movement in a typical disney movie and I think:
> Nobody moves like that in real life. I can have a conversation without dancing
> around or singing!

Preach it, brother. But they tend to use more in-between frames here. You can
argue about what *kind* of in-betweens and animation you prefer. I was wowed by
the human animation in Spriggan and Ghost In The Shell. Looked like rotoscoped
people, almost. Disney trained animators are told that anytime you have a person
do something (reach for a glass, start running, etc.) you start the animation
sort of in the opposite direction. Watch the way those crap dinosaurs move their
heads in Dinosaur if you happen upon it in the theaters. All slow arcs of
movement. It's shit.

> The Iron Giant is the only american animated movie that I can think of that
> really captures all of the best elements of anime... and it was shot on a low
> anime-like budget.
> ---Brett Jensen

I wish that movie had done better. Dinosaur will make millions and everyone will
try to copy that instead of Iron Giant. The animation in Tarzan was too bad,
though, minus that Disney slow arc crap.


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