Thu, 18 May 2000 19:48:48 EDT

    God...why do people think that anime is all the same? It's just like the
people who say "Do you like anime?" or "Anime is cool." It's almost
impossible to make blanket statements like that. Why can't people see that
anime isn't a really specific thing. Asking someone if they like anime is
just like saying "Do you like sitcoms?" or "Do you like cartoons?". In my
opinion most anime is terrible. Just like everything else. Most sitcoms are
total trash, as with most live action movies. Dense people like this critic
just don't take into perspective the grand scheme of things. There is just
so many TV shows/movies/etc. that it'd be near impossible to like even 50% of
them. I swear people are getting stupider all the time...
-Muy Calienté

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