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> > I don't know about that. Most TV animation you see in the U.S. is
> > drawn overseas. For instance the animation work on the Batman series
> > actually done in Japan, IIRC.
>That's very true. The unions forced that because no studio here could
>to do it all here. The animation suffers for it because there is less
>guidance over the in-between animation. And most ideas here are pretty
>so the animation will be uninspired, anyway.

I think the fundamental problem with the American animation industry is that
Americans view animation as a genre. There are several subgenres, like
feature animation (Disney), Saturday morning cartoons and primetime family
animation (Simpsons) but all of them have the "For Kids" stigma attached to
them. It seems to me that in Japan animation is viewed as a medium, in
which you can tell any kind of stories you want, without restriction. Thus
Japan turns out fantasy, sci-fi, drama, comedy, kids shows and everything
else why here in the U.S. most animation is for 8 year olds.

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