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Thu, 18 May 2000 15:10:38 MST

>My Neighbor just delivered 2 GM Sniper 1/144 models to my house to appease
>my rage and not eat his kids. So I will have 7 when the 5 I ordered show
>Now help me if this sounds weird but what if I take one of them create a
>back pack for power and rework the gun a bit (Since it appears the gun has
>Power pack in the stock I figured a larger battery would be needed if I
>create a Sniper Scout version). (The gun is a bit to long and seems way to
>un weildy and lacking detail for my tastes) Forrest camo both gun and unit
>then do some creative detailing. Take the second one and create
>Spotter/ECM/Backup unit with Gray/Green front camo and forrest ground cover
>on the back. modify the head so it has a greater range of movement remove
>the visor and create a Optical upgrade version of the head. Give it a back
>mounted pop out mini missile launcher (Chaffe Flares smoke type) the
>launcher would also help give a surface to camo the back better. Couple of
>hand grenades and a close assault cannon? Any ideas for the cannon that
>would compliment the Cannon on the sniper?? This would create a
>unit. Any suggestions before I start?

Wow, seven Snipers. What are you going to do with the seven 1/1200 scale
Apsaras MAs?

Hmm, close range. Maybe some sort of shotgun (like the Kampfer)? Or maybe
just the 08th MS Team type 100mm MG? Possibly arm the scout with some
captred Zeon Sturmfausts for extra firepower?

One thing that might complement your planned cammo scheme nicely is a
camouflage net (like the Sniper Custom picture in MS Era).

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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