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Peter Savin wrote:

> >I've always wondered how the English speaking fans pronounced some of the
> names
> >in Gundam and the Gouf was always near the top of my list.
> >
> >The Japanese name is 'Gu fu'. How do you pronounce it to avoid it sounding
> like
> >Goof ?
> I don't, it just looks like "goof" to me. :) Is that "Gu" as in "guh" (like
> gun), or "Gu" as in "goo" (like goop)?

'Gu' as in 'Goo'.
To be honest, the name is a little awkard to say in Japanese as well.

> Hmm, I guess I don't know how to pronounce my favorite, Bawoo (Bau). I
> assume that because of the different spellings the "w" is a soft sound, so
> the Bau translation is more accurate? The list goes on, I'm sure...

It's simply pronounced 'Ba u'.
'Ba' as in 'Bar' and 'u' as in 'ooh'


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