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>Vladimir Len wrote:
> > Like what? Watching stuff like Batman or Animaniacs or Darkwing Duck,
> > animation quality is higher -- more fluid, doesn't depend on repetitive
> > of artwork, etc. That would lead me to believe the animation budget
>would be
> > higher.
>I think you're half right, there. The budgets will be higher also because
>the union houses here that set wages higher than some of those guys are

I don't know about that. Most TV animation you see in the U.S. is actually
drawn overseas. For instance the animation work on the Batman series was
actually done in Japan, IIRC.

> >
> > Don't get me wrong, I love my Gundam, but some of the battle scenes ...
> > geez, what are they, 8 FPS? 6? 4?!
> >
> > - Vlad
>Sometimes it seems like moving storyboards. But that's just the worst of
>most is much better.
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