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Watch cowboy bebop and tell me that american animation is in anyway close to
Japanese! Batman is animated in Many of the same studios as Anime shows.
Darkwing duck was done by Disney of Japan. Animaniacs I believe is US animated
but has pretty low quality animation, IMO.

most US TV animation was produced in Japan before the mid 90s, When US and
Japanese studios started farming out projects overseas.

---Brett Jensen

Vladimir Len wrote:

> > However, on the other hand,America, with a few exceptions, is pretty poor
> > in the animation department. With the exception of Theatrical
> > releases, I've
> > heard the budget for American animation is low compared to that of Japan,
> > and of course the majority of American animation is aimed at Children or
> > Comedy.
> Like what? Watching stuff like Batman or Animaniacs or Darkwing Duck, the
> animation quality is higher -- more fluid, doesn't depend on repetitive use
> of artwork, etc. That would lead me to believe the animation budget would be
> higher.
> Don't get me wrong, I love my Gundam, but some of the battle scenes ...
> geez, what are they, 8 FPS? 6? 4?!
> - Vlad
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