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Peter Savin wrote:

> >Ok, it *is* Char, ***but*** the reason the Japanese pronounce it like Sha
> is
> >because they can't. My parents are Korean, and they somewhat have a
> similar
> >problem, because of the alphabet they grew up with, they can't annunciate
> >certain sounds. For example, Lawyer would sound like Rawyel. Something
> like
> >that. Same case for the Japanese.
> I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never pronounce most of these
> names correctly, unless I learn to speak Japanese. I mean, how the heck are
> you supposed to pronounce Zssa?? And if Gouf is pronounced the way one
> might think (maybe it is, I dunno)...well, it would be....goofy. :)

Let me just step in and clarify something once and for all. Like Brett and Tom
said, although the name is written as Char Aznable in english, the correct
pronounciation is 'Sha-a' like the 'Char' in Charlotte and NOT 'Char' as in
Char grilled. This has nothing to do with translation or Japanese not being able
to pronounce it or whatever. Yes, it can be read in two different ways but only
one on them is his name and that is Char pronounced as if spelt Shar. If you
have been pronouncing it the other way, it's perfectly understandable and you
can continue to do so if you prefer but let it be known that it's incorrect.

If you have problems accepting the above, consider the singer Cher. Here's a
similar name that can be read two ways but only one is correct right ? : )

And Peter, it's unfortunate that the people in Japan who come up with the
Enlgish version of mech names make it hard to pronounce(choosing appearance over
anything else) but it's often not a true representation of the Japanese name.
You probably find it easier pronouncing the names if you read/decipher the
katakana version.

Zssa should actually be just plain old 'Zu sa'.

I've always wondered how the English speaking fans pronounced some of the names
in Gundam and the Gouf was always near the top of my list.

The Japanese name is 'Gu fu'. How do you pronounce it to avoid it sounding like
Goof ?


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