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> << Perhaps by North American standard, it's pretty good. >>
> Uh...North American Standard? I hope you're talking about the
> quality of anime over here and not standard quality of shows in general.
> people who think that everything out of Japan kicks American-made stuff's
> butt have serious problems. Two words: Star Wars. Damn ethnocentric
> If I misunderstood you I'm sorry but I hate people who take that position.
> No country beats any other in all areas. Quit being so damned stupid.
> -Muy Calienté

You're right, in a way. For instance, I'm not a big fan of Japanese-live
action films, except for Godzilla. It seems that Live-action films in Japan
don't have the budget that we do...and more money goes into the anime
 However, on the other hand,America, with a few exceptions, is pretty poor
in the animation department. With the exception of Theatrical releases, I've
heard the budget for American animation is low compared to that of Japan,
and of course the majority of American animation is aimed at Children or
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