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> I don't care how the direct translation is supposed to be. It will ALWAYS be CHAR AZNABLE.
> I simply tell uninformed people that its prounced "Char" as in "Charlotte" or "Charlemagne", I've had little difficulty communicating this point to anyone.
> In 99% of the fan references I have seen, the main nemesis of the Gundam Saga is ALWAYS: CHAR Aznable Every reference I have seen come out of Japan is "CHAR". I don't know where they find people (who always find their way into doing the official
> translations) who insist that is must be "Sha". (Take THAT Fred Schodt!)

Now don't get your panties in a bunch. ^_^ I have always used the Char spelling, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just agreed that most Characters pronounce it as Shaa.

As was pointed out though, Amuro definately puts an R on it when he says "Char me!"

It is definately not pronounced Char as in char broiled though! ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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