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> Every reference I have seen come out of Japan is "CHAR". I don't know where
> they find people (who always find their way into doing the official
> translations) who insist that is must be "Sha". (Take THAT Fred Schodt!)
> I don't get it.
> I can understand there are always differences as to how some characters
> names come out different to different people (Bright Noah, Brite Noa), but
> this case, I think it important that such an important character's name be
> firmly established.
> I don't want to pick up a copy of "Sha's Counterattack", I want "CHAR'S
> Counterattack"
> When you get down to it, I just simply feel that "Sha" just seems wimpy
> lame when compared to "Char".
> Anyone else agree, or disagree?

Ok, it *is* Char, ***but*** the reason the Japanese pronounce it like Sha is
because they can't. My parents are Korean, and they somewhat have a similar
problem, because of the alphabet they grew up with, they can't annunciate
certain sounds. For example, Lawyer would sound like Rawyel. Something like
that. Same case for the Japanese.

~Andy Lee

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