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Sorry for being a little late joining in on this thread.

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> <Milia vs Miriya, in Macross: Do You Remember Love.>
> GOD,A classic man...very very nice...great movie too...

No arguement here, the duels were great in both the movie and the TV series.
Even the "arcade" match was cool.

Also from the original TV series, the duel between Hikaru and that young
Zentraedi officer guy (forgot the name) who pilots a mecha that has guns on
both arms and huge cannon on head. In that fight Hikaru managed to shoot off
on of the gun-arms but he got his mecha's head and left arm blown off. Not as
good as the Milia duels, but still...

> < Isamu vs Guld, Macross Plus.>
> Which version duel?the one in the seires or the extended movie version?

Thought this is so & so.

Since I am a big fan of the original Gundam, here are my old favs:-


Gundam (Amuro) vs. Gouf (Ranba Ral (sp?))
Gundam (Amuro) vs. Black Trinary & Jet Stream Attack (both times..., not a real
Gundam (Amuro) vs. Red Gelgoog (Char) inside the desert satellite
Gundam (Amuro) vs. Gyan
Gundam (Amuro) vs. Zeong


Alex (Christine) vs. Zaku (Bernard)

0083 (all are Kou Uraki vs. Anavel Gato)

GP01a vs. GP02 (during the chase)
GP01b vs. GP02
GP03 vs. Gato's MA


didn't like any duels involving Camille, personally I find fights involving
Char, Amuro, and Emma more entertaining. Can't classify any among "best".
The fights with the sad loser "Jelly" (sp?) who keeps running away when beaten
are tragic to watch.


Still working on finish watching the series, haven't seen any memorable mecha
duels yet. Is that rose dude supposed to be a comic relief?

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Do the "duels" involving Arale from Dr. Slump count as mecha duels? 8)


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