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I think that in Macross 7 somebody refers to an antique Konig Monster as a
Battroid-however, they might have been simply referring to the antique VF-1s
in Battroid mode around it :)
  However, I understand that later in Macross 7 the Phalanx, Tomahawk, etc.
show up and are reffered to as "Worker Destroids" since they're now being
used as labor machines instead of war machines....
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> At 09:59 05/18/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
> >I think that destroid is a term that was created for the Robotech
> IIRC, there was this reference in one of my books that said the
> "Destroid" was used precisely ONCE in Macross... the term appears to be
> in Macross, but very rarely.
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