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Blackeagle wrote:

> I think that destroid is a term that was created for the Robotech version.

Nope. It's the original term. I'ts kinda funny actually, Harmony Gold's official
name for the Destroids in Robotech was "Non transforming Battloid", but the term
destroid slipped into the scripts. Alot of the Robotech-Macross scripts are
fairly accurate, except Character names and all of that Robotech masters crap.

The same problem cropped up in terms of the word Protoculture. Much of the
confusion of Robotechies as to what Protoculture means, stems from the fact that
many of the scripts referred to protoculture in the Macross meaning, (The
ancient culture which created a Galactic empire and created the Zentradi) Not
the robotech meaning. (some weird plant/power source/handy dandy clone growing

---Brett Jensen

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