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Thu, 18 May 2000 08:30:36 -0700 (PDT)

--- Mark Simmons <> wrote:
> Bandai's Gundam Perfect Web has pix from this
> week's Shizuoka Hobby Show...

> Three highlights:
> * The "version 1.5" Master Grade Gundam includes the
> beam javelin & Gundam Hammer, yay!

It also look less pointy and more PG, too. I wonder if
future ver 2.0 will be ver. Ka (oh I wish :)
> * The Master Grade Sazabi has been announced. No
> price or ship date yet.

Both MG Sazabi and HGUC Hizack are prototypes on
display. Hope we'll see them near the end of this
> * Also announced: HG-UC Hizack. Guess it can fight
> your Type 100 and Rick Dias. :-)

I guess Katoki, who retouch virtually all the HGUC
design, will have sleepless night to cosmetize Hizack
(heh heh)... the lineart and real photo of HGUC Rick
Dias looks respectable, but Hizack... he'll need more
than few cups of coffee to make it looks cool in lines
of HGUC Gouf :)

I also wonder what's that huge matallic SD Gundam
statue at the bottom represent... GPW states it was a
preview of a future SD GGen model, it looks like it
belongs to one of latest BB Senshi Musha series.


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