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At 00:45 05/17/2000 -0700, Emery Calame wrote:
>The only place I've seen a real escape vehicle (that I can remember off hand)
>was the Psycho-frame cockpit ball of Char's Sazabi in CCA.

        I think the Rick Dias also has them, but I'm not too sure.

>Yeah well, they could'nt let it go nuke or it would have spoiled the tragic
>scene where Christine tells Alfred that she is leaving. But if she was going
>to Earth I guess it might have been a question of the suit going there too.

        Good point. Would the NT-1 go back to Earth, or would it go back to
the Moon (to AE) or to Luna II?

>Uh D'you mean the GM Cannons in 0083? There are a form of Gun cannons in
>0080 seen dropping out of a White-base like carrier...

        That was the RGC-77-2, I think. Those were descended from the
original Guncannon. The RGC-83, those in 0083, also descended the original
Guncannon, but had data from the NT-1 (especially the extra Chobham armour)
to help the design.

>Is this something you read in the little instructions pamphlet or what?

        Just hearsay from others on the list. I think Blackeagle mentioned
that the GM Custom descended from the NT-1 too.

>Well the thing about core fighter vs. linear seat is....a core fighter can
>be used for recon, assault, harrassment, and escape. All that is well and
>good. A linear seat in 360 degree hologram cockpit can help you spot tricky
>stuff like oh say an Elmeth's bit sneaking around you and possibly give you
>that split second chance to dodge just before it's too late....

        A Core Fighter is great for all that, but once it's part of a Gundam
it's particularly useless, and as you said, in a Gundam, the linear seat is
a lot better.

>So I think you can see why most pilots preferred the linear seat until ZZ or
>so. Most suits without a linear seat(s) were either multi-part V.M.S.A.W.R.S
>or multiple part variable mobile suits who had a pal to watch their back.

        Uhm.. what's a V.M.S.A.W.R.S ?

>I'd say it was designed to get rid of asteroid fortress bases
>like Pezun and Axis and Solomon and end sieges more quickly.

        Good point, but how effective would the nuclear bazooka be against
an asteriod fortress? The blast may not destroy the asteriod, but the
radiation may kill off enough personal.

>I dunno. In the movie when Sayla takes the gundam out in combat and gets it
>trashed Amuro takes a Guncannon and wipes the floor with the Zeon squad he
>goes up against. The whole time he has this look on his face like : " Wow.
>I've been flying the WRONG mobile suit! Bang! Bang Pow!"


        Actually, I recall from the novels that Amuro actually wanted to
pilot the Guncannon because of the heavier armour. Circumstances dictated
otherwise though..

>I dunno. The NT-1's main "New Type friendly" feature was the linear seat
>cockpit and it's "advanced" reaction time that Christine babbles about while
>using it for simulations...

        Amuro was always looking for additional speed in his MSes, I
believe. And as you said, the advanced reaction time can give Amuro the
extra split second to dodge a Bit..

        Start from there, and build in more and more NT equipment,
ultimately including the psychoframe, and you may get a Nu Gundam.

>I guess the armor might have pissed Amuro off since it wouldn't survive a
>bazooka hit and was really only good enough to shrug off the chain mine the
>Kampher used....

        The NT-1 never had to take a bazooka hit dead on. I would have
thought the chain mines were more destructive than a bazooka, especially
since there were more chain mines going off at the same time.

>On Earth it would be handy but in space it would be a mess.

        Agreed. Armour doesn't really help in space. If Cima's Marines had
been interested, they could have killed Keith in his Guncannon easily.

>Come to think of it Gelgoogs were heavier armored than Gundam's supposedly
>faster, similarly armed and quite possibly as or more agile.

        Good points, but the limited ammo of the arm Gatlings meant they are
of limited use..

>Ever hear the one about how giant robots with proportionately small feet
>should sink into the ground unless they were light enough and then the wind
>would blow them around because they are basicly big sails?

        Ground pressure and all that, right? That's probably why the GP-02
had such big feet. =)

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