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At 20:56 05/16/2000 MST, Blackeagle wrote:
>Actually, the RX-79[G] Ground combat model Gundam was the first without a
>core fighter.

        Yup. Forgot that one. Edward pointed it out to me already..

>I'd suspect the Alex and GP-03S (both with linear seat cockpits) might be.
>I doubt the GP-02A, which seems to have a more traditional cockpit has an
>escape sphere.

        Good point, but it again begs the question why the GP-02A didn't
have one. I would have thought such an escape sphere would have been ideal
for shielding the pilot from any radiation fallout from the bazooka or the

>My outline meshes pretty well with what we see onscreen in 0083, but since
>the fanfic itself would be a sequel to one that I'm still writing, it'll
>probably be awhile before I get around to it :-(

        Sounds good. Keep us informed on it, won't you? Thanks!

>I believe the GM Custom officially descends from the Alex. The RGC-83 (the
>0083 Guncannon) is a crossbreed of the GM Custom and the Guncannon.

        The RGC-83 took information gained from the NT-1, and the external
armour is very similar to that of the NT-1.

        Where did you get the information on the GM Custom?

>Do you mean the RX-79 Ground combat model from the 08th MS Team or did you
>mean the original RX-78-2? I think the GP-01 is more likely descended from
>the latter.

        Sorry, I meant the RX-78-2.

>More likely it was the far more well known non-core fighter equipped GMs.

        Why do you say that?

>Actually, the RX-178 Gundam Mk. II is descended from the GM Quell (the black
>GM seen for a few seconds in the last episode of 0083). The Quell is just a
>development/variant of the GM Custom which is itself the descendant of the

        Good to know. =)

        Just how (in)famous is the Quell? I've never came across any
reference to it until the MG kit came out..

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