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At 19:16 05/16/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>> Chronologically, the NT-1 should be the first non-Core Fighter
>>equipped Gundam, followed by the GP-02A and then the GP-03S, and then the
>>Mk. II. Correct?
>True if you exclude the RX-79(G) from The 08th MS Team.

        Ugh. I knew I forgot something. Let me amend the order:

        RX-79(G), NT-1, GP-02A, GP-03S, Mk. II.

        Come to think of it, a Core Fighter in a ground Gundam will probably
be of limited use.

>I think the Feds probably decide the NT-1 wasn't a good MS to start with
>new designs when they saw how well it fared against a Zaku, especially if
>they found out what a rookie the Zaku FZ's pilot was...

        To be honest, Bernard Wiseman picked his fight very carefully
against the NT-1, and he eliminated the most important armament of the NT,
the Gatling forearm, early in the match. Even then, the Gatling still tore
chunks out of the Zaku.

        After that, it's back to the close combat armament and the
experience of the pilot, and here Bernard might actually have an advantage
over Christine.

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